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Beautiful song recordings in your most creative place

For both bands and solo-artists

Before recording...

  • You’ll send a rough cut of each song to us. You can record these on a phone - it’s just to give us an idea of your songs

  • We’ll give you creative feedback and suggest any changes we think of, like adding/removing parts. You can use these suggestions however you wish

  • We’ll pick the best gear to capture the sound of your tracks


  • We’ll come to your music creation space and set up the gear

  • We’ll help you to record each band member’s part individually, playing one-at-a-time*

*If you want to record a multitrack live-performance of your group, with everyone playing together at the same time, see our Live Recordings page

Gear Rental:

  • Three days of gear rental are included with each song you purchase, including one day with our engineers. You’ll have the option to keep the gear for a few days to record additional takes

  • You can purchase additional gear rental time beyond 3 days (included) if needed

  • We’ll pick up the gear when you’re done

We'll take care of the rest...

  • Our professional producers will give you a mix & master of your tracks within 2 weeks

  • We’ll get together for a "mix party". You'll bring any revision ideas, and we'll work with you in real-time, revising the mix until you love it.*

  • After the mix party, the track is done. If you'd like, we'll host your tracks on streaming services, free of charge

  • For additional services, we can connect you with artists in our network who can produce album covers and music videos for you at discounted rates

*Due to current COVID-19 conditions, mix parties are being held virtually

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