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World-Class Tracking Equipment

     Some say the preamp is second to the mic in terms of importance, but we disagree. A great mic like our Blue Kiwi captures an incredible amount of transient magic and harmonic beauty, but it would be useless without a great preamp. The preamps must take the tiny voltage vibrations from the mic and amplify them hundreds of times, all while preserving the subtlest details that create the magic. You could record through a cheap mixer, but your sound would become flat and dry.


     We have various flavors of preamps, all of which contain different topologies of tubes, transistors, and transformers, but all have one thing in common: they will give you a rich, full-bodied sound. We'll help you pick one that's perfect for your music.


Langevin Dual Mono Microphone Preamp
Handmade, transformer balanced, discrete microphone preamplifier

TL Audio PA1 All Tube Preamplifier
Transformer balanced, all-tube preamplifier

Presonus M80 with Jensen Transformers and discrete Op-Amps
Custom-built solid-state preamplifier


ART MPA Gold Hybrid Tube/Solid State Preamp
With variable input impedance

Other Gear:

Apogee Rosetta Analog/Digital Converter
The same ADC used in professional studios around the world

Zoom R16 - Portable track recorder                                     Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 - audio interface

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