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Pro Recording Equipment

We'll supply all the recording equipment you’ll need. We’ll set it up in your music creation space and help you record everything. 

The secret sauce in any good recording: a good room, good microphones, mic preamps, analog to digital converters, and an engineer who understands how to mix these “flavors” into a tasty recipe.

The defining philosophy of our studio:

  1. Give musicians the same mics, preamps, and converters used in pro studios.

  2. Help musicians use these devices to capture their performance without the stress and cost of a pro studio.

  3. Blend the art and science of sound to create recordings that are rich, detailed, and vibrant.


Other than the artistry of the performance itself, capturing a great sound has always been the key to getting a listener’s attention and respect. Our pro gear will get you the highest-quality sound and knock your audience's socks right off.

Explore our gear:

Specializing in analog circuitry and tubes to bring depth and warmth to your tracks


A variety of options, from crystal-clear Hi-Fi to dark and gritty gain


Discover our techniques to bring out and develop your best sounds




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