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Make talented "normal" musicians play, sound, and feel like rockstars


Rocky Mountain Portable Studio combines the best of both home and studio recording.

Have you ever noticed the difference in your music when you perform vs. when you're just jamming out at band practice?

At practice, you have more freedom to do what you want, and you're not afraid to make mistakes.

You're also having way more fun, because your music is for you.

We started RMPS to bring that creative freedom to you for your recordings, demos, and albums too.

We bring our pro-quality gear to your music creation space to capture your best sound.


Because your music sounds better when you're not stressed out.

We don't want you to have to work around $100+ per hour fees and the producer who stares at his watch over at the recording studio downtown...

We want to give you the time and space to capture the magic of your music.

We'll give you unlimited access to our excellent studio gear and our production expertise to make sure your recordings sound as great as they would coming out of any dedicated recording studio.

Except they didn't. They came right out of your most creative space, and your most creative mindset.

You're gonna sound incredible.

Wondering how we do it?

See for yourself.

Meet The Team


Darren McSweeney

Darren is our executive producer and will lead the mixing and mastering of your tracks. An audiophile and electrical engineering instructor at the Colorado School of Mines, he loves to spend his time finding the perfect sound, and sometimes he even customizes his gear circuits to create it. Darren has been passionate about recording for decades, ever since recording his popular band, Honeybeegroove. In recent years, he's also composed, performed, and recorded with post-rock/metal band Missing Man Formation.


Andrew Fletcher

Andrew is our music director and recording engineer. He’ll give you creative feedback and help you record everything. Andrew has played guitar for nearly his entire life, and has done songwriting in a variety of genres from rock to EDM, folk to jazz, and jamband to pop. His band, Life Science, was the first group to record with RMPS, and their tracks can be found on all streaming services. He also released a solo album, Suture Self, which was the first full length album produced entirely by RMPS.

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