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Unleash Your Sound

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"Working with Andrew and Darren exceeded ALL of my expectations! They'll help you play better, sound better, and have a product that is more polished, refined, and dynamic than studios that cost four times as much."

-Sam Kerber

"I'm gonna make you sound like the rock god that I know you are."

-Darren McSweeney

RMPS Cofounder and Head Producer

Your Music Geek Friends

RMPS is the Denver-based recording studio that comes to you.


"bro do u even listen to coltrane??"

"i was bored so i wrote a song in phrygian"

"i've seen phish 42 times. no i don't know them"

With our songwriting geek (left) & production nerd (right) on your side, you can play around as long as you want knowing that the finished product will sound amazing.

"16-bit?? i can hear the 8 missing"

"let's have you sing into these 6 mics"


"You have great ideas - let's push them to their limit."

-Andrew Fletcher

RMPS Cofounder and Music Director


The Future of Recording

Pro studio quality. Home studio freedom. All at an affordable price.

Our Commitment to You

Unlimited access to our pro gear and expert producers.

Sound Equipment

High Quality Sound

We'll come to you.


Location Independence

Record anytime, anywhere.

Sound Waves

Creative Freedom

Hosting on streaming services and advice from music industry pros.

Concert Live Audience

Grow Your Audience

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